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Experience Extraordinary Relationships with Effective Communication Skills

    • Are you tired of feeling stuck in your relationship, and longing for more excitement and connection?

    • Do you struggle to communicate your desires, and to navigate differences with your partner?

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Meet Your Coach

I'm Pan Vera.

Seeing couples who had previously been in great disharmony communicating effectively and lovingly is my greatest joy. My heart is so gratified to observe them move their relationships forward in harmony. The peace this can bring to the whole family is profound.

Couples navigate the complexities of modern love in the ways they learn along the path of life. Today’s relationships are a dance of two individuals…each with their own unique story, experiences, and desires. Knowing deeply that every couple has the potential to deepen their intimacy, enhance their communication, and reignite their passion, it is my privilege to coach from that place of knowing. I will provide the tools AND hold the space as you go through your process.

Many couples come for help when their relationships are on their last legs. It is never too late for this program. Marriages have continued, and partners recommitted who were previously considering divorce. And this course can work for couples who are challenged at many different levels.

Beginning in 2004, I have loved the experience of helping couples navigate through their relationship challenges. It’s been incredibly gratifying that so many have transformed their relationships.

Discover a Relationship Full of Passion and Intimacy with Language 4 Lovers. Rediscover the spark in your relationship and enjoy the fulfilment you both crave.

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During our time, you’ll dive into your feelings and needs and learn how to communicate them in a way that makes for a great relationship. You’ll experience the Magical Relationship Method, the Seven Stages of Relationships, and the Losing and Winning Strategies of Relationships. By confronting your feelings of self-consciousness, fear of rejection, and complacency, you’ll become more open and intentional with your sexual needs and desires. The language of love is a learned skill that can transform your relationship into a lifelong journey of intimacy and connection.

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“Extremely helpful. The “Stages of Relationship” in Jackal and Giraffe was new and useful.

Also, I felt Pan demonstrate respect, love, and connection with each person attending. Very satisfied.

Lots of interactive teaching and practice opportunities. Humor, self-disclosure, flexibility, checking in with students about present needs. Very comfortable and connected.

Pan contributed many things, but most significant was his willingness to LIVE the NVC process as well as he talked about it.

Very fluid and powerful transitions between lesson plans and present moment teaching problems.”


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“Very helpful. Pan’s presence, vulnerability, heart, and knowledge of the NVC process helped me to understand at my own deep heart level so that I have a good beginning understanding.

My needs were met through lots of practice. My need for connection was met- a group of strangers became a community.

Pan’s presence models connection. I leave feeling blessed and hopeful for the work I am engaged in.”


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“I found this training (Language 4 Lovers) to be more helpful than I ever expected. I learned how to apply the principles of NVC and be able to recognize my feelings, identify my needs and make honest connected requests. I was able to practice giving and receiving empathy. I feel that my time was totally well spent here today, and I have new confidence in my ability to connect with my partner.

I found Pan to be an exceptional coach who was able to discern what I was trying to express and help me state it in “giraffe talk.” I found him to be knowledgeable, supportive, and kind.

He was able to mentor what connection is about. Found him to be open and accepting. Felt very comfortable and accepted and “seen for whom I am” by the instructor. Thanks so much, Pan, for such a valuable day.”


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“Extremely helpful. The “Stages of Relationship” in Jackal and Giraffe was new and useful. Also, I felt [Pan] demonstrated respect, love, and connection with each person attending.

VERY Helpful. Brought to the forefront my needs as a man. Helped me to be both a better listener and more compassionate. Opened up my eyes to the possibility of a very happy and fulfilling life.

Pan knows the material, gives examples, and responded well to questions, through inquiry, more options, and kindness.

He addressed participants by name, shared some personal material, and role-played with participants. Helpful in getting in touch with my heart! Enjoyed the stages of intimacy!

Pan’s ability to connect with my heart and to give me the freedom to feel and to discover my needs. Totally safe and secure- gave empathy-not judging. Shared self and had courage to be vulnerable.” — E.T.

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“The process he communicated through group interactions as well as lecture. The gift Pan brought was his unique ability to communicate joy when someone showed an understanding.

There were moments of intense discomfort. In some ways, I feel my trainer allowed me to remain uncomfortable. I don’t know if my needs were really clear to me.

I need to work on identifying my own needs.”



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“This training was very helpful to me in learning the basics of NVC and its applications.

Breaking down the applications- relationships, social change, etc., and flushing each out worked well. The meditations added depth, trust, and peace. I enjoyed the stories of applications of NVC and the examples of how one can “speak the language”, even more, would have been better. The specifics are very helpful. I was satisfied with the presentation in general and specifically I appreciated all the handouts. Pan’s flexibility and vulnerability and his willingness to bring forward the full meaning and value of NVC (world-changing) with serious lightness!

I felt quite comfortable and connected- Pan contributed to that by encouraging participation by all actively and compassionately, and also not letting anyone ‘stories’ dominate the group deftly.”


Rediscover each other and move forward together
in a way you never thought possible.

I am committed to making interpersonal healing and relationship health accessible to more people. Schedule your free consult, have your questions answered and explore whether this program is for you. With this affordable investment, you can develop the building blocks for a thriving relationship.

Plus, the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out with no risk.

How Language 4 Lovers Transformation Works

Once you sign up for Language 4 Lovers, we will have an initial meeting and tailor our schedules. You will be given instant access to the workbook of the program.

This program includes learning, practice, and coaching sessions designed to powerfully enhance and deepen your connection in relationships.

At Language 4 Lovers, we understand the importance of practicality. This program includes carefully-crafted information and exercises that can be immediately applied to your romantic life. Our program’s success is reflected in your ability to cultivate rich, fulfilling, and joyful relationships.

We stand by the effectiveness of our program and are so confident that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Begin Your Transformational Journey Today!

You Will Be Guided
Through Your Intimacy Journey

Through customized 2-hour sessions, and accompanying exercises, in Language 4 Lovers you will learn:
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Communication Skills For Deepening Intimacy

Through interactive lessons and coaching sessions, you'll learn how to communicate more effectively with your partner, leading to a deeper sense of connection and intimacy.

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Understanding The Stages Of Relationships

You'll gain insight into the different stages that relationships go through, and learn strategies for navigating these stages with grace and ease.

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Techniques For Reigniting Passion and Desire

Whether you're struggling with differences in sexual desire or simply looking to inject some excitement back into your relationship, or both, this course will teach you practical techniques for reigniting passion and desire.

Language 4 Lovers

At Language 4 Lovers, we understand the importance of practicality. This program includes carefully crafted exercises and information that can be immediately applied to your romantic life. Our program success is reflected in your ability to cultivate rich, fulfilling and joyful relationships.


We stand by the effectiveness of our program and are so confident that we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


To Explore or Begin Your Customized Transformational Journey, Complete the Form Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access the program and what is involved?
    There are live Zoom trainings, coaching sessions, and online worksheets. Once you join the L4L program, you will receive scheduled notices for each training session which we schedule together on our first call. Coaching sessions are available as needed. Resources (including the handbook) will be available online. You are starting your journey toward Unconditional Love.
  • What if I have questions while going through the content?
    In order to help you capture the moment when questions come up, we will settle on which of these 24-hour messaging platforms we will use ( FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.) for you to ask questions as they occur. I will reply as quickly as I am able.
  • Can I get continuing education credits for my participation?
    This program is designed for personal development and relationship transformation, therefore, CEU credits are not available.
  • Do we each need to register for program?
    The tuition includes both partners. It is vitally important for both partners to attend.
  • What if I want to start Language 4 Lovers, but my partner is not on board?
    If you’re eager to begin Language 4 Lovers, but your partner isn’t quite convinced yet, don’t worry! I can talk with you and share highly effective methods that have successfully brought partners on board. For urgent assistance, feel free to reach out to me at
  • I’m single. Is Language 4 Lovers appropriate for me even though I am not currently in a relationship?

    Not in the current form. However, I have been asked to create a Language for People Seeking a Lover which may be available in the next few months.

    Imagine going into a romantic relationship knowing your relationship style, the pitfalls of romance, firm in the skill of compassionate listening, hearing the “yes” behind each “no”, and so much more.

    If you are interested, contact me at with the subject line “Looking for Love” and I will place you on the waiting list and make sure you get an announcement when the training is available.

  • Will I get one-on-one advice from Pan?

    Absolutely. One-on-one sessions are included in the package. These are great for working out triggering issues outside of the coaching during the joint sessions.

    Each of you will also get live support during the learning and coaching sessions.